Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sound of Euphoria

And so the pain and heartache was inevitable but it doesn't stop my heart from beating. It's still you.


  1. Music goes on only when the strings are struck and plucked....
    So are the beats.

  2. And this post is so perfect too. OMG!!

  3. So why are we poluting and paying for an energy source when we have the free energy?

    So why are you asking to others information about me when you have a direct line with me?


    whooops!! because you are perfect.

    Sorry my fault.

    And I dont think you can clean the mess after ... what a tragedy :(

  4. So bored of this bullshit. At least, I will laugh very hard.
    You love your bean? your friends? your family?
    well I will make sure you have a looooooong time to enjoy them :) I will give the order right now. But I do this just for you. No work just friendship and love <3 and sex!!! a lot of sex!!! because buuufff you are the boomb huh?

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  6. Ah, those words hurt.

    I always wondered why people chose to fall in love, knowing the heartbreak that came with it.

    And then I fell in love. And now I know why.
    And now, I understand this post, too.

    Those words hurt, because they're so very true.