Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sincerity In One's Intentions

Photo by Allan Asis

Apologizing is fine, as long as you know what you are sorry for.

But for what it's worth, I forgive you.


  1. Loved this.
    But for what it's worth, I forgive you...
    Awsum Ciarline...

  2. just a question.. how hard is it to forgive and isn't it like forgive and forget..
    will you really really forget

  3. If you forgive is more than enough, so if you forget that it depends more of the other person involved, some people dont learn their lessons so they remain bothering you and "remembering" you about the subject. They have you in their minds as the center of the dartboard as you are the problem... is easier to look outside than inside. Most of us look outside for the "problem" when actually is inside. You cannot forget at all but .. for your own defence that is all. I think forgetting doesnt depend on you as to the other side or sides involved in the matter.
    I do forgive :) and I blame other/others ignorance.
    We all are ignorant in something, that is why you need the good intentions, at least.... to try... and to receive the assistance!! intention is the key for "magic" assistance and synchronicities.
    The worst you can find right now in this world is someone ignorant with bad intentions.

    Its all about inner beauty :D

    Have a good day


  4. do people wonder .... if they have a daughter or a son, would you approve they to date someone like you ?

    do you trust yourself?
    how good are you huh?

    me, Im a good person but a wiiiiild animal. Im a person who depends of the other side love, if they dont love me I get wild. NOoo way.

    :) Random thoughts :)

    Have a nice day

  5. In a parallel universe you are right now with a similar life but achieving what you cant in here, what you really really wish for. Would you envy yourself?

    :D Trivial pursuit

  6. I always forgive even when I can't forget...I trust you know the damage you've done, so I need say no more.