Friday, July 23, 2010

The One Who Didn't Give A Damn

Commitment was what you were given, and you didn't want it.
Do not spoil this kind of happiness for me because I tried.



  1. Don worry. Your happiness is your own. No one can take it away from you. ever.

  2. Each word sprinkled with pain and then to talk about happiness.. that's the essence.. without pain happiness doesn't have a meaning.. Gazal has said something extremely appropriate..

  3. But really ... I just find that if I feel angry with you, you can feel angry with me or blame others for it. But just so you know at the end is me the one who takes the decisions, I feel people and I want the best for me. That doesnt mean I hate them, just .... I do appreciate men like me and I need it because Im single .... :)

    Dont you ever forget that my fears are not shorter than yours even if our situations are pretty different. And what? you think that is gonna stop me? Dont worry I wont get crazy, its all about respect. Step by step.

    I really really need someone with an opened heart, that is why I insist on the free will thing. I cant force you into anything you dont feel like doing, but you also have to respect my way :) , I would like you to feel what I feel just for a while, you will understand I dont have anything to cover, Im not perfect but I really try.
    To work with your heart in this world is pretty difficult, they will jump over you from any direction is like a stupid video game. And this is the final score :D ha ha