Monday, July 19, 2010

To Be Titled

Photo by Jhon Ardie Romero

I imagined all the great things for us but these things are only in my head and would never be as real as being right next to you.


  1. Dear you,

    This girl is very busy going to the beach getting a tone.
    The sound of the waves is pretty more useful right now than the stories you make by yourself to yourself.
    Dont feel insulted please is just that .... you are fighting against yourself and Im going to the beach... THAT is the difference
    I dont get stucked in the past otherwise you wouldnt be reading this by now. I live in the Now as much as possible for my capacities, which is hard, just so you know. I dont know what tomorrow will bring but I wish be very good specially made for me.
    If you want more information about me, come and get it!
    Even if you dont notice I know the things you do.
    Solve your problems. If you cant, ask for assistance (I repeat) will be send to you and youll know.
    Im free, are you? Well, THAT is your problem.
    And while you keep searching for your "magic formula" for a woman never to go away, I will be.... on the beach.


  2. I still visit the beautiful places where we used to spend time together.