Sunday, December 5, 2010

I never denied my feelings for you, but I acted on it so late. The damage has been done.


  1. When it comes to Love between two people ,nothing is ever to late ,nothing ever stops ,nothing ever disappears ,nothing can always be repaired with the Love to become something .

    Maybe not denied your Love ,maybe kept it at a bay
    Someone Taught me a great lesson ,When you really love some one ,words are spoken ,is one level of love ,the deepest Level that ,connects everything together is ,to show and act and feel ,touch that love towards the other person till ,they are swarming with dizziness and aroma of Strongest Love ,surrounds them not one day not one year ,for rest of their lives ,shared together .

    Wonderful Lesson to learn ,well I am one those extreme late bloomers to Love ,although I feel once ,you feel it connect completely ,it becomes everything that is you ,a love should be shown not allow it to be buried and linger away

  2. This post brings out a bunch of raggedy feelings I'd buried in my heart.

    We know time is a curse we're all bound by. But, oh... sometimes I wish it wasn't so.

    Thanks for reminding me of my past, of my pain.

    Take care, Ciara. :)