Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unclear Skies

You act differently towards other people.

But all your worries were expressed in our conversations.

I thought I was better for you but you treated me the worse.


  1. What does it mean "better" for you?
    I would love you even if you weren't that successful, you will be the same but your capacities will be sleeping as with the rest of us and you will develope others as I do, in essence you will be the same to eyes like mine, so thank God I can see further, .. but I'm not sure you would do the same for me, to love me, sure, stay with me?..... I don't think so. I don't envy you, I need affection as all human beings, maybe me a little bit more, that is all.
    I look at you and I see you fighting against yourself, me? pride doesn't make any sense when you learn to love yourself just as you are, and SORRY I love myself, oh SORRY. Because to love myself means I'm very full of myself? what do I have to prove?, I do what comes from my heart, by the moment is this, if you don't think is enough, well ... maybe you are the one that is full of himself? you know that, I don't have to go up, maybe you should go down.... to Earth.
    You piss me off, you know why? because you are there waiting to be the "more special" because you know other guys know what is going on, I don't care about them, life prove us if we did wrong or not, not me, why do you need such a recognition? from who? do you know how they have treated me over the years like I was nothing? you know that, but as when we are passionated about a matter we pass certain things just to be there. Romantic love is my first passion, I don't remember time in my life since I was a little girl I didn't think about it and I can't stop, tell the singer not to sing, AND I feel you hate me for that, is very frustrating, and just so you know, thanks to the path that I chose I'm writting this here right now, always talking with an anonymous person, but I'm still here, and you? what do you do for me? if you want something from me, give me love and attention. I don't lose any opportunity, do you think you deserve I reject other people for you? are you ok in your head? I wouldn't do that for you or any other person, so I do it just for me. We are not dating, you know that right? are you my boyfriend, husband or something? nothing, I think you should materialize your wishes too, not just me. I did what I had to do, sorry I can't do nothing more, sorry I can't do what you are supposed to do.

  2. Whatever I have to say to you, I'll do it private, concerning my feelings etc. Time put all of us where we deserve, naturally as I like. So if you have something you don't deserve, you can't appreciate, but that is my humble opinion.
    I need to have someone to love, otherwise I feel really hurt, the love retained inside of me hurts, and love has many forms. You are not helping me, you don't trust no one, I know that, you don't trust me, fine because I never asked you to, did I? You don't take any risk at all, I do, but you ..... you are so concerned, thinking about the future, control, the same history as always, I see that all the time, sometimes I do and I skip that state of mind. The only advice I can give you, anything that comes from your heart will be successful.
    YOU have treated me bad all the way, you hate me for my past, you better forget about your past, forgive yourself and forgive others, otherwise your existance is gonna be pretty painful.
    I will ask you please don't publish this, thank you. DON'T!!
    You want to be with me, find, propose me something, what do you want?

    And just so you know, those negative things you think are gonna happen to you if you go with me, right, that is what is gonna happen to you if you DON'T. Don't be a victim of illusions, take care, some "evils" are doing their job too. Sorry to say "evils" :) This is the almost eternal battle, as it must be. I won't be always a warrior, I need to fly around a little bit too. Don't put more pressure on me please. Right now I see won battles all around so I need to move to next level, do you understand?
    I would like you to come with me so I see you suitable, but???? you don't make any effort to get me, you are stucked in your situation too, I know. If you think I have something to do with that, I don't! You are not here to make me fight for you, but you do! can you see that I'm tired? you don't get what your part is, you are confused, and really, from my point of view is very simple, I do my part, because YES, we all have a part to make it suitable for us and in line with our heart always. The further you are from your heart the more painful everything becomes, that must be why you are always working.

    And I repeat, I can't remember like 80% of what I write, don't take offense please. Sometimes I'm wrong too.

    Good day. (if you wouldn't publish the other one I would appreciate it too :D )

    I would like to talk about other subjects :(