Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Wrong Endeavor

I want to blame you for the chaos that you placed in my heart which caused a raucous in my mind.

Unfortunately, I can not. I believed in us so much. I still am. So there is something left of me for you to come back to.

And since I tried not to lose every part of myself to you, I am letting you go. Not because I want to, but it would help us. Dramatically.

No matter the outcome, we will both accept it.


  1. I can sense each and every word of yours..
    read this "If you love something, hold on to it; if it remains it is yours, if it sets itself free it never was." think about it. yes if it was never yours don't hold on to it.. life has many more beautiful things to offer.

  2. 'I am letting you go'... Isn't the outcome already there.. along with acceptance...

    Well written..I am a follower.. will visit see somthing different.

  3. Wrapped up so beautifully!
    You have such a lovely blog, I enjoyed it :)

  4. i AGREE

    everyone please check out and follow my fashion blog please!

    I promise you will enjoy it ;)